My Girlfriend Is A Rocket – RoBKTA

Hello everyone! Your Professor is on vacation, but there is no vacation from the rhythm. This one comes to us via user submission from Gentleman Gamer. Hope you enjoy!
-DJ Professor K.

Oldies But Happiest – MatrixMarioX

Hope you guys are having a stellar week so far. In case you aren’t, here’s a little mid-week pick me up for you! Take off those skates and stretch those legs – the week is halfway over!

P.S. It seems some of you would like a complete track listing for Jet Set Radio. I’m updating the site to include some highly requested features but here’s the full list of all tracks while you wait.

Romp – Bignic

Hope everyone out there had a good weekend. DJ Professor K here, starting off your week with a blast of sonic funk. This one starts off quiet, but hang in there! Stay tuned for more Jet Set Radio.

Get On Up – Skope

Boys. Girls. When you’re down. When you’re out. When you’ve been tagged. When ain’t nothing going to pick you up, except a solid soundstream…

Tune in, and turn up. DJ Professor K here, more bangers to come.