Planetary (GO!) – My Chemical Romance

HO HO HO! Coming in hot – converting the mainstream into jetstream. Touches of guitar vader blasting though. DJ Professor K, over and out.

Bang Bang Boogie (Lebrosk’s Electro Swing Mashup)

Hope you rudies are having a good week. Winter’s on our doorstep, and things are getting chilly. You are listening to the cooler than cool, the icy, the oh so minty fresh, Jet Set Radio.

Ghettos of Wroclaw – Reed

Hello boys and girls, today is a busy day! Here’s a mellow jam coming to us from Bug via user submission. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Bug and friends, stay tuned for more.

Stereo Sun – ProleteR

Hey everyone, breaking character for a second to say thank you for your support. Sorry for being such an unreliable Professor, but check back soon – waay more where this came from. We’re back on the air again people.