Scream – Bignic

Hello boys and girls! Today I have a special song for you from the Lethal League OST. I hope you rudies like it – if you do there’s more where that came from in-game. Keep it groovy out there Rudies.

The Dirty Side of the Street – Caravan Palace

Today we have a juicy little track from Caravan Palace. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to play a few of their tracks, so expect to see some in the coming weeks. You are listening to Jet Set Radio.

Overtime – Cash Cash

Hello boys and girls! DJ Professor K has officially graduated, settled down, and gotten all the radio equipment set back up again. More time to bring you rudies songs, more airwaves to groove to. This song comes to us from Robert via user submission and there’s a backlog of good user tracks in the pipeline – keep em coming. You are listening to Jet Set Radio!

Funky Sounds – A.Skillz & Beatvandals

Rise and shine. Smell that? That’s a reheated track that A. Skillz made a while back. Sometimes leftovers are better than the first time. Enjoy the track, and remember to brush your teeth! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is DJ Professor K, and you are listening to Jet Set Radio.