Funky Sounds – A.Skillz & Beatvandals

Rise and shine. Smell that? That’s a reheated track that A. Skillz made a while back. Sometimes leftovers are better than the first time. Enjoy the track, and remember to brush your teeth! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is DJ Professor K, and you are listening to Jet Set Radio.

Giggle Water – Defunk

DJ Professor K here, saying good morning to some, goodnight to others. No matter where you are I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this swingset swung out swag. A little glitchier than our typical sound, but juicy nonetheless.

Full Tilt Boogie (Slynk & Stickybuds Remix)

Aloha boys and girls. Hope you rudies are having a good time out there and staying in the heat. Remember, with the rhythm at your sails no one can catch you! DJ Professor K here, with a funky new track designed for sunshine.

Turn off that Bull@#! (Psychotropic Frequencies Remix)

DJ Professor K here, wishing all my american rudies a good one. Just remember, it might be a party in the U.S. today, but in Tokyo-to, it’s a party everyday. You are listening to Jet Set Radio!