Fell In Love With A Girl (Lewd Behaviour Remix)


And now for a Jet Set twist on an old classic. Mixing up old with new, mashing up friend with foe, true to the spirit of Tokyo-to!

The Heat is On – Bust a Groove 2


Another day another game. Bust a Groove 2 gave us this treat back when it released 13 years ago, but DJ Prof K is ferrying it to you now. Enjoy boys and girls.

Teknopathetic – Jet Set Radio Future


How’s your memory? Does this sound familiar? It should! Bringing the classics right to your front door, ringing the bell, and slapping you in the ears. DJ Ding Dong Door Ditch K streaming it straight to you!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Slyde


Hey everyone, I hope you came hungry! Jet Set Radio is serving up even more hardcore music. These first few days are gunna be a real feast for all you Rudies.
-DJ Prof. K