Aerobatic Funk – One Cuts OST

We’re back boys and girls! Keep an eye out for rats chewing on cords, and people grinding on power lines – luckily we have a backup sound system in place for your listening pleasure. This one comes to us via user submission from Toua, and oooh is it funky.

Let The Beat Kick – FDEL

Good morning Tokyo-To. Here’s something that will put a little kick in your step. Just try not to let it distract you too much.

Lovely – Noel Zancanella

Hey there, Rudies. I have a nice mellow vibe for you today – a little different speed than our usual Jet Set slammers – let me know if ya dig it, or if we should keep it a bit faster around here. You are listening to Jet Set Radio!

Backside – Think Twice

Hey Rudies – I hope you are feeling fresher than fresh today. If you aren’t, why don’t you try this track on for size?