Bang Bang Chic – Trashtray


DJ Professor K here! throwing a few tracks out so we can hit the ground running! Jet. Set. Net.

Mr. Road Runner


DJ Professor K here! Welcome to Jet Set Radio, coming to you hot and live from Tokyo-To! Put your antennas up boys and girls. Shooting off one track at a time with a full clip loaded – Jet Set Radio is back!

Jet Set Radio Playlist

Introducing – Streaming Jet Set Radio

Boys and Girls! Do you want to use your ears to chase the boredom away? Do you want to surf the waves until your mind is in a state so funky it cannot be beaten? Tired of clicking play? Look no further. has a new sister site which will stream all the music from the blog nonstop through your speakers, and into your brain! Big shout out to Thomas Villarreal for getting the cogs moving!

Below you will find the old, temporary solution for the playlist. This will only remain up for a few more weeks until we can be sure the awesome new playlist site is stable. Refresh the page to reshuffle the songs.