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  1. Randy says:

    Pretty sure everyone went to

  2. John says:

    Hey, I’m with Lynroda, I want to keep this site alive.

    Just let me throw my money at you, okay?

    We, the community, will help you with this because we love love love you!

  3. Lynroda says:

    It’s been one year. Still no trace of DJ Professor K. Tokyo-to has become a hostile environment and elements of the original artwork are disappearing… Is there hope?

    Yo, if anyone still admins this page, give me a shout. This passion page can be saved!

  4. Max Umphress says:

    Who is the artist and actual name of the track titled “sweat”?

  5. Boogie says:

    Rokakku Police finally got ‘em?


  6. Jaxx says:


  7. Moreau says:

    Yooo, I really hope this site gets movin’ again sometime soon. I love this station, man. But this place isn’t short of funky beats, so, until that day hopefully comes,

    Keep on keeping on, yo!

  8. Boosjag says:

    I really hope to see some updates soon or at least a comprehensive track list for future generations to get funky to!

  9. Roboy says:

    Hope to see some updates soon, if you take suggestions I have a playlist I’ve been curating for about two years, and I’d love to share a few tracks in particular

  10. Zeykor says:

    Hi, i’m wondering if the website/playlist is still update ?

    And who’s making these sounds, which artist if u have the name please, it would be great!!

    Really nice sounds btw, nice work :) !

  11. Thaumstein says:

    Lovin’ every minute of this radio. Glad to see someone still has feelings for the games’ music.

  12. Liam James says:

    Where can I buy myself a copy of the Ruffneck song on the radio playlist?! I love it, I NEED IT! Cheers man, really love this site!

  13. Alex R says:

    Love that you’re keeping this site up man. I’ve been listening every now and then for over two years man. I hope you keep it going, the funk won’t stop.

  14. DJ Professor K says:

    I do not run that site, however most of the music on it has been taken from this site with permission from yours truly.

  15. d2tz says:

    No I believe they’re owned by two different people

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